Saturday, July 5, 2008

Black Jeans

The Ottobre Desing jeans (Issue 3/2008 "Black Jeans") that I am making for B are going to test me. a) I haven't sewed trousers/pockets/zips in living memory and the Ottobre directions aren't very wordy and don't have pictures illustrating what is required. b) I've never used Ottobre before and I think it will take a couple of projects to become familiar with 'how they do things. I think I've selected a rather challenging project to begin with. Perhaps I should put the "Black Jeans" to one side and select a simpler Ottober item as my first project.

The process I have worked through so far:
1) trace off pattern pieces
2) add seam allowances (see below for lessons learned)
3) cut out fabric

Adding seam allowances was my first learning curve. a) Initially I tried using a compass ... run the point of the compass along the stitching line and have the compass' pencil draw in the seam allowance. Great theory, however the pencil wasn't dark enough on my pattern (made from interfacing). b) I contemplated using my seam gauge to measure and mark the seam allowance, and decided there had to be a quicker way to do it. c) Finally I used the low-tech approach and joined two pencils together with an elastic band. This has given me a narrow seam allowance, but I think it will be fine. It certainly was a fast way to add the seam allowance. However, one must be careful to hold the pencils at the same angle otherwise the distance between the stitching line and seam allowance line vary. I may try this method again - but at the initial tracing stage, so that I both trace the pattern and add seam allowance at the same time.

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