Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ottobre & Pattern Tracing

Yesterday was very exciting as my first Ottobre magazine arrived. It is issue 3/2008 (see I've been awaiting its arrival, hoping that there would be a suitable trendy trousers pattern for B. I've decided to attempt the "Black Jeans" (design #32) and tonight I have been tracing off the pattern.

Tracing off the pattern isn't an easy thing. On each pattern sheet, there are many patterns overlaying each other. Each pattern is in a different colour. There are lines everywhere ... and writing in lots of different languages. Great care is needed to ensure all pattern markings are traced. In addition, after you trace the pattern you need to add seam allowances. Not a big problem - just something to be remembered.

To complicate things further, some larger pattern pieces (eg trouser front) are split into two. Eg the Trouser Front is made up of pattern piece 2 and 2A. You must trace both and then join them together before cutting out the fabric. I wasn't expecting this to be a problem, however I now see that the instructions on joining the pieces is a little scant. It isn't clear if an overlap is Incorporated into each piece, or if the two pieces simply butt up against each other.

Now I am wondering if I should put the "Black Jeans" to one side and attempt a more simple Ottobre pattern, just to get a feel for how they do things.

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Fiona said...

Found a Yahoo group dedicated to Ottobre and have asked them about joining the pattern pieces together. You simply butt them up against each other.

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