Monday, August 25, 2008

My First Sewing Book

I am quite excited ... the Winky Cherry sewing books (aimed at ages 5 yrs up) have arrived. See for details. The books are published by PalmerPletch. I have some brilliant sewing books authored by Patti Palmer and ??? Pletch, so have very high hopes for the Winky Cherry books.

Of the books available, I ordered "My First Sewing Book - Hand Sewing", "My First Embroidery Book" and "My First Doll Book". The material indicates that a 5 year-old would take about a year to master the "My First Sewing Book". In "My First Sewing Book", the child is taught an overcast stitch, which they use to create a stuffed toy. Once they've mastered that they then move on to the Embroidery Book and then the Doll Book.


Fe said...

How have you found these?

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

They are both good and bad. There are some bad typos. They take the approach that you should 'say this to your child in exactly this way'. It is designed to rhyme ..I think ;)

It came with a massive number of templates of different shapes, so you could easily find something that appeals to your child. Ruby has made a little red felt bird. I don't appear to have put it on Flickr ... I'll have to dig it up for you.

She did a great job. We did have some problems because the recommended needle was too blunt and she struggled to push it through the double layer of felt. That really dented her confidence. A different needle helped a huge amount. In my opinion she was a bit too young to do the work (she was 4 3/4 yrs). I'll probaby try again in 6 months. She got frustrated very easily as her dexterity wasn't quite there. She needs a lot more repetition with it, but as she was getting so frustrated she wasn't keen to give it another go immediately. (But she was VERY proud of what she made).

Are you going to be a Norah's birthday party? I'll try and remember to bring the kit along so that you can take a look.


PS I think the template shapes could be the basis for some good applique designs.

PPS Sorry this reply is so late! I did an email reply earlier and have just realised it went to no-reply@blogger... *oops*

Fe said...

The plan is to be at N's birthday party... but probably not until closer to 3.30/4, as we have nap/quiet time after lunch (and it's my oldest niece's birthday party the day before, so they may have a disturbed time then—and two days makes them quite challenging!)

It would be really good to see them:-)

(I know what you mean about email... it only occured to me after my comment on R's birthday post earlier today, that I could just as easily have _emailed_ you, rather than commenting:-) )

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