Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am working on a new shirt for Ruby (Ottobre 04/2008 #11, size 110, modified so the sleeves are one piece). I've used fold-over-elastic (FOE) for the neck binding. It is the first time I've used FOE, and it seems to have worked quite well. Very quick to do.

The Oops occurred while I was attaching the sleeves to the shirt. I completed one seam and then realised that the left needle on my overlocker had jumped out of the tension dial. Result: right-side of the fabric has a "ladder" effect, similar to the reverse side of a flat-lock. I poked and prodded at the seam and decided to use the effect as a 'feature'. I then did the other sleeve and side-seams with the same effect.

Now I'm not so sure. I probably should unpick the lot and start again. Part of me says 'no, it is fine ... it looks like it is meant to be that way' ..... and the other half of me is cursing my stupidity for not unpicking the initial error immediately.

I might take a photo tonight and post it so I can get other opinions.

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