Friday, September 26, 2008

confectionary displays

With childhood obesity so much of a concern, it really bugs me that chemists place all of their confectionery around their service counter right at kids eye level and touch level. A Chemist/Pharmacy is where you go to get things to help your health. They aren't allowed to sell cigarettes. I think there should be legislation to prevent them from placing confectionery in a location so appealing to kids.

I am of course saying this after dealing with two tantruming kids (and no pram to strap them into) whilst trying to fill a script. The whole scene ended with Robert manging to rip open a chocolate and me having to pay for the blasted thing. I should probably have made a stand and refused to pay for it. But then .. was the ripped chocolate their fault or was it due to my lack of control over my kids? Ok ... we should have split the cost. It still makes me mad mad mad!

Shaving foam & paint

Today we did some "marbling" using shaving foam and paint. Here is what you need:
- baking tray
- shaving foam
- liquid paints, such as poster paint or acrylic
- something to stir the foam with eg stick
- squeege (window cleaning tool)

1. Fill baking tray with shaving foam, then drizzle paint over the foam.
2. Stir and swirl the paint into the foam.

3. Put paper on top of foam and gently smooth and pat the paper so that the foam sticks to it. (We found printer paper works the best).
4. Peel off the paper. The foam and paint is left sticking to the paper.

5. Use the squeege to scrape off the foam. The paint is left behind making a pretty picture. It makes nice wrapping paper.

Cleanup is pretty easy as everything is already soapy from the shaving foam. The 2-year-old loved the stirring for this activity. I think it would have kept her occupied for quite a while. The older kids were excited too.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Solo parenting

Hubby is away for work for 6 nights, so I'm doing the parenting thing alone for about a week. So far the kids have been amazing. All 3 have been playing well together and Ruby is being really helpful.

Robert is the most upset by his Dad's absence. There were some tears on the first evening, and then when he woke up he announced "I had a really long sleep so Dad will be home soon!". I've been telling them that Dad will be home in x sleeps, so it seems Robert thought if he slept longer then more sleeps would pass and Dad would appear.

Today I managed to take all 3 swimming at the pool. Robert had a lesson and Ruby, Laura and myself played in the shallow section. They I dried off Robert and Ruby, stuck them in the pram with copious amounts of breakfast cereal to nibble on and books to read. While they ate and read Laura and I did her swimming lesson. I'm still stunned that I pulled it off and that the big kids were mostly happy to sit. Large amounts of food definitely helped...

While Hubby is away I've been spending the evenings sewing. I'm making a simple off white T-shirt for Ruby and I'm making it more interesting with an applique. Photos later as Hubby has the camera....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


...update on our health situation. This morning Laura has croup, I have a sinus infection (which I've suspected for a while, but now I'm *sure*), and Robert has his chest infection. Ruby is also coughing, but I suspect at this stage it is just a cold.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

dieting, baking, illness & toilet training

Dieting and baking don't mix..... I've been on a diet - have lost 8kg, so have been doing really well. However, over the last few weeks I've had a desire to bake. Unfortunately this has coincided with a desire to eat baked goods!!! I think I'll have to stop baking until I uncover some willpower.

Over the last few weeks the kids and I have made:
* Cinnamon Buns from scratch
* Snickerdoodle biscuits
* Bread (lots of it) - dough made in the breadmaker and then loaves oven baked
* Pizza
* Foccacia
* Banana cake
* Banana and Carrot Cake
* Chocolate cake
* Marmalade
* Chocolate custard
* Vanilla custard
* Creamed rice (aka rice pudding)
* Plain scones

Yummo. We have been productive. Robert in particular like to bake and often asks if we can make something.

On another note, I'm sad to report that Robert is rather ill. He's been sick for 3 days with a fever and a cough that makes you cringe. Took him to the Dr today and it turns out he has some kind of chest infection. We were given antibiotics and strict instructions to take him to the Emergency Department at the children's hospital if his temperature didn't reduce during the afternoon. Poor little guy, he feels miserable but is being very brave.

We also have some wonderful news on the toilet training front. Robert hasn't had an accident in about 2 weeks and is now telling us when he needs to go to the toilet. Yeehah!! This seems to be the direct result of us giving him a sticker for each toilet attempt, and then periodically letting him select a 'lucky dip'. Our household is a lot more relaxed. It is lovely. Not to mention the reduction in washing and the nicer aroma of the house.
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