Friday, September 26, 2008

confectionary displays

With childhood obesity so much of a concern, it really bugs me that chemists place all of their confectionery around their service counter right at kids eye level and touch level. A Chemist/Pharmacy is where you go to get things to help your health. They aren't allowed to sell cigarettes. I think there should be legislation to prevent them from placing confectionery in a location so appealing to kids.

I am of course saying this after dealing with two tantruming kids (and no pram to strap them into) whilst trying to fill a script. The whole scene ended with Robert manging to rip open a chocolate and me having to pay for the blasted thing. I should probably have made a stand and refused to pay for it. But then .. was the ripped chocolate their fault or was it due to my lack of control over my kids? Ok ... we should have split the cost. It still makes me mad mad mad!

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