Friday, September 26, 2008

Shaving foam & paint

Today we did some "marbling" using shaving foam and paint. Here is what you need:
- baking tray
- shaving foam
- liquid paints, such as poster paint or acrylic
- something to stir the foam with eg stick
- squeege (window cleaning tool)

1. Fill baking tray with shaving foam, then drizzle paint over the foam.
2. Stir and swirl the paint into the foam.

3. Put paper on top of foam and gently smooth and pat the paper so that the foam sticks to it. (We found printer paper works the best).
4. Peel off the paper. The foam and paint is left sticking to the paper.

5. Use the squeege to scrape off the foam. The paint is left behind making a pretty picture. It makes nice wrapping paper.

Cleanup is pretty easy as everything is already soapy from the shaving foam. The 2-year-old loved the stirring for this activity. I think it would have kept her occupied for quite a while. The older kids were excited too.

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