Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trial t-shirt

Just completed Ottober 2/2006 #1 v-necked t-shirt. My measurements don't slot nicely into a certain Ottobre size, so I made a size 42 as a trial. Fit needs some adjustment:
- sleeve is a bit tight
- sleeve needs more depth
- shoulder seam is correct length, however bodice needs to be narrower between shoulder and start of bust
- need a smidge more room over the bust, but going up to the next size would be too much.

I should have cleaned the mirror before taking these photos!

First time I've sewn a v-neck, and I had to redo the point of the v three times before deciding 'enough was enough'. After trying it on, I have to say that I'm really happy with how the neckline turned out. Next time I'll leave some chalk marks on the centre-front line to help centre the v.

While I was stitching it together, I was also concerned the v-neck would be too high. It is a lot higher than my RTW t-shirts, however I certainly don't dislike it! I'll definitely make more shirts with the v at this level.

Here is a sneak peak of what I'll be working on over the next few weeks... The first 5 fabrics will be turned into t-shirts for myself. The solids are 100% cotton knit. The stripes are polyester knits. The last fabric is 100% cotton drill which I'll make into a skirt or trousers. I'll probably do a skirt first to check my Ottobre sizing BEFORE embarking on a pair of trousers.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We've inroduced some new home-made games. Ruby (4.5 years) has been enjoying them. The other kids (3.5yrs and 2 yrs) have been having fun playing with dice and counters.

Alphabet Bingo - using an 'alphabet dice', which came from our Scategories set. I've been using Bingo cards printed from: I'm planning on making some new Bingo cards, which aren't in alphabetical order.

Numbers - matching digits to dots- Using a 6 sided dice (with dots on it), we rolled the dice, counted the dots and then found the correct digit on our printout from Ruby then coloured in that chicken. She loved this activity and did it a couple of times.

Ruby has also spent a huge amount of time practicing colouring, cutting and gluing. She has been making and dressing Paper Dolls. I printed the dolls and their clothes from:
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