Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Cake - in the Pressure Cooker - Part 1

I am being a bit experimental with this year's Christmas Cake. That's right - I'm going to make it in the pressure cooker. Miss Vickie's Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes devotes a number of pages to Fruitcakes and she indicates that Fruitcakes cooked by the method she describes will be moist and divine. "A genuine fruitcake is sinfully rich, moist, delicious, and studded with a cornucopia of plump, naturally sweet (not candied!) dried fruits soaked in spirits and mixed with complex spices, and there's not a green candied thing in the lot". It is quite an interesting read as she goes into details on how to 'feed' the fruitcake once it has been cooked (regardless of how it was cooked). This is something I've always wanted to know but have never had the information. I should have Googled it a long time ago.

Today I prepared the fruit for the fruitcake. I've "super marinated" it by putting the dried fruit, port, and cheesecloth bag of spices into the pressure cooker for 2 minutes. It certainly smells yummy! Tonight I will cook the cake. Fingers crossed that it will work out OK

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