Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Cake in the pressure cooker - Part 2

A quick update on how the pressure-cooker Christmas Cake turned out.

From the same batch of cake batter I made a cake in the pressure cooker and also one in the oven. Interestingly, the pressure cooker cake has a much darker appearance. It also has a lot more moisture.

The pressure cooker cake worked out OK. The texture isn't what you'd expect of a Christmas Cake. It is more pudding-like. It is very moist and tasty. (We've been eating it as I wasn't sure if it was a success and I didn't want to risk it).

I'm not sure if I'll bake the cake in the pressure cooker again (I suppose I would if I was pressed for time). I will definitely marinate the fruit in the pressure cooker - that worked out really well and the smell in the kitchen was divine.

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