Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lessons on life

About 3 weeks ago a couple of honey eaters decided to build a nest in a vine directly opposite the kitchen window. The nest is only about 2 metres away from the sink. The brave birds selected this nesting spot while we were away on holidays. I don't think they realised quite how much human traffic is normal (our washing line is directly below the nest). They have also coped with hubby using the electric hedge trimmers on the vine...

When we first noticed the nest it was in the very early stages of construction. You could really see the 'foundation' sticks that they based the nest on. It has been fascinating to watch. I've tried to peek into the nest to see how many eggs were laid, however it is too high up.

Over the last couple of days the activity at the nest has changed and I've seen more of both parents, rather than just the one sitting on the nest. This has made me suspicious that the eggs might have hatched.

DISASTER has now struck the brave birds. While we were eating lunch we saw a magpie or a mudlark raid the nest a fly off with something in its beak. (Hubby had a good look at the bird and always gets confused between mudlarks and magpies). I'm not sure if it stole an egg or a chick. I'm not sure if there is anything left in the nest, and if the honeyeaters will return to the nest. The kids saw it all happen too, which of course let to a torrent of WHY questions.

Fingers crossed that there are still some eggs/chicks and that the honeyeaters will return. I've really been looking forward to watching the little family grow up. It has certainly made washing dishes a little less boring!

Edited to add: It was definitely a magpie. It just made another attempt at stealing from the nest, but didn't appear to find anything. As yet the honeyeaters haven't returned...

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