Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Planning Monday - 17th November

Last week, I was focusing on restocking the freezer and I managed to put three or four meals in there. I did that by doubling 'freezer friendly' recipes that I made during the week.

I was very grateful for the freezer meals as I've spent the last 24 hours in bed vomiting with gastro. Actually, planning the next week of meals is the last thing I want to be doing, but I'm going to plough on.

I've also put up a post Pressure Cookers vs Slow Cookers.

Corned Beef, mashed potato & green veg
Grilled stead & salad
HomemadeChicken Stock (in pressure cooker)
7 Minute Risotto (in pressure cooker)
Macaroni Cheese (microwaved)
Homemade Pizza & Salad
Curried Sausages
Fish Cakes
Lamb Chops & Salad

As I did last week, I'll try and upload some recipes to my blog during the week, so stay tuned. Also check out I'm An Organising Junkie for other menu ideas.

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