Monday, December 1, 2008

Menuplan Monday

After having just been to a funeral, I really don't feel like planning a menu. However, the kids need feeding and I at a minimum I need to know what we are eating tonight.... so I may as well do a plan for the week!

Tonight: Fiona's No Pastry Quiche (freezer meal). I made a double batch of quiche last time I made one.

Tuesday: Buggered Lamb Chops - Normally made in the slow-cooker, but I'm going to convert the recipe for the pressure cooker. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Wednesday: Spaghetti Bol - I'll double or treble the recipe and make freezer meals from the surplus.

Thursday: Risotto - with ham & peas added

Friday: Sausages, potato salad (pressure cooker) and green salad.

Saturday: Pan-fried fish with potato salad & green salad (leftovers from Friday).

Sunday: Spinach pie - Will double the recipe and make a freezer meal.

I'll try and post some new recipes during the week. For more recipe ideas, see I’m an Organizing


Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

your quiche sounds really good.

It's just my life....annie said...

Have to agree with the above poster the quiche sounds really yummy!

Fiona said...

The quiche is great. It is one of my staples and is great for an "what on earth are we going to eat" moment. I normally have the egg mixture on hand and the filling is whatever I can find. Even a tin of tuna works OK in it.

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