Monday, November 24, 2008

Ottober 2/2006#1 t-shirt

Yesterday I completed my second attempt at Ottobre 2/2006#1. This time I made it up in a very good quality knit from Knit Wit. The only pattern modification I made was to lengthen the sleeves, other than that it is exactly the same as the navy trial t-shirt that I made earlier.

This fabric doesn't have as much stretch as the navy, and it make is very apparent that I should be using the next size up.

I'm really happy with how the v-neck turned out. I didn't struggle with the V like I did with the navy shirt. The only problem.... the white overlocking is just peeking out from under the self-binding. You can only see it if you are at the right angle, so I think it is still wearable. I certainly don't fancy unpicking the binding and reapplying.

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mermaids said...

i think it looks pretty good. yes, the stretch of a knit makes a huge difference in the way a garment fits. not all knits are created equal. :) the v-neck looks terrific... no puckers or twisting.

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