Tuesday, November 11, 2008

self-drafted tube skirt disaster

I've been doing a bit of sewing lately, but am churning out a few disasters.

I had a large amount of bitter brown synthetic lycra in my stash. I don't love the fabric, but it is a great base colour for my wardrobe. I decided a quick tube skirt was in order.

Cut a rectangle of fabric:
- The length is the finished length plus an allowance for hem and elastic casing.
- Width is your widest part (hips), plus 5cm ease, plus seam allowance.
- Remember to remove the selvages prior to cutting the rectangle. My disaster involved leaving the selvages on when I cut the rectangle. I then removed the selvages and ended up with a skirt that was too tight. I've managed to find a new home for the skirt, so I haven't had to throw it in the bin.
- The skirt has one seam. You may want to leave a slit at the bottom for walking space. You can wear the split at the centre back, or on the side seam.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the Ottobre sewing I've been doing. I've got a few fitting issues as my waist is 2 sizes smaller than my hips.

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