Monday, December 15, 2008

Chocolate Ganache - recipe

Chocolate Ganache
Ganache has heaps of uses. It is best made with commercial chocolate, which you can purchase from cake decorating shops.

600ml Thickened Cream
800g Dark Chocolate (NOTE: Cannot use white chocolate for this recipe - it won't work. Need to adjust quantities).

Boil the cream (ie must rise up in saucepan otherwise the ganache won't set properly). Pour onto the chopped chocolate. Whisk until combined (can add alcohol at this stage if required). Store in fridge overnight. Remove from fridge 2 hours before use. (If you are making truffles, remove from the fridge approx 6 hours before use).


  • Truffles, - If using ganache to make truffles, remove the ganache from the 'fridge in morning and make the truffles in the afternoon.
  • Tart - Fill a pastry case with the ganache. For a flavoured tart add berries or hazelnuts.
  • Lamingtons - Make 'Double Chocolate Lamingtons' using the Death By Chocolate cupcake recipe
  • Topping - serve over fruit or icecream
  • Icing - eg for a mudcake. Place cake on wire rack. Put rack over baking tin, then pour ganache over cake.
  • Chocolate mouse - After making the ganache, cool it at room temperature (don't refrigerate) then fold through some whipped cream, then refrigerate.
  • Frosting - pipe into a rosette on a Death Death By Chocolate cupcake. Top with a slice of chocolate bar (eg Mars bar, Toblerone)

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