Thursday, January 1, 2009

Developmental freight train

Warning: This is a proud mum post! All three kids have made huge developmental leaps over the last week or so.

Ruby (who will be 5 in a few weeks) has switched from nappies to knickers at nighttime. She is very excited and proud (as are we!) We were about to get her into the Bedwetting clinic at the local kids hospital, and have her wait-listed for a bed alarm. No need! Woohoo.

Robert (3.5yrs) has
- Stopped soiling his jocks. (We were quite concerned by this as he will be doing 2 days of Kindy each week in 2009).
- Started riding a two-wheeler bike with trainer wheels. He has been able to ride a two-wheeler for a while and has just chosen not to. All of a sudden he is interested in riding one and is having a brilliant time.

Laura (27 months) has:
- Started toilet training herself. She is still wearing a nappy, but frequently removes it and takes herself to the toilet.
- Started riding a tricycle by herself.
- Started riding a two-wheeler bike with trainer wheels by herself. She developed this skill less than a week after starting to ride the tricycle.

Love my kids, and each new developmental milestone makes life that much easier!!

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