Friday, December 5, 2008

..if I had $600

I just ran into some of my old work colleagues at the shopping centre. For their Christmas Bonus, the boss had given each employee $600 to spend at a certain shopping centre in two hours. The staff had no warning that this was going to happen. Nice bonus! A shame I don't work there anymore.

My question to you: what would you do if you were given $600 and had only 2 hours in which to spend it. What would you buy?

I think my mouth would gape like a goldfish for a good 15 minutes before the brain would kick in. The shop that I would have ideally spent my money at wasn't in the shopping centre, so if I had been one of the luck employees, I would have attempted to have put the money in the bank at the shopping centre ... and then spent the money later as the downpayment on a new sewing machine. Or perhaps I would just have purchased a new sofa at the shopping centre ... Now that I've had a few hours to think about it I keep coming up with new idea.

What would you do?

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