Monday, December 15, 2008

Menuplan Monday - 15th Dec

The plan for this week is to keep it quick and simple! Lots of salad and 'prepared ahead' things.

Cheese & Vegemite sandwiches
Meatloaf (at Robert's request)

Foccacia & Salad - base made in breadmaker. Topping will be cheese, zucchini, mushroom, & olives
Fiona's No Pastry Quiche - Tuna filling. This will be from my freezer as I made a double batch of quiche last time I made one.

Peanut Paste sandwiches & salad
BBQ Sausages, potato salad (pressure cooker) and green salad.

Toasted cheese & tomato sandwiches & salad
Corned beef, colcannon, steamed carrot, steamed peas

Cold corned beef & salad
BBQ rump steak, potato salad & tomato & corn salad

Baked beans on toast
Pan-fried fish with potato salad & green salad (leftovers from Friday).

Cold corned beef & salad
Spinach Pie - from the freezer as I doubled the batch last time I baked

I'll try and post some new recipes during the week. For more recipe ideas, see I’m an Organizing


Fe said...

Hmm... this is the next step for me, being a bit more deliberate (and creative!) about lunches. I have a _theoretical_ lunch and breakfast plan... but it rarely occurs... largely because it's a bit uninspiring:-( I'm making notes of some of your choices though... they might be just what I need:-)

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

Ahh, I'm finding that whilst I'm planning them out half the time I'm not making them. That will change with school starting in 1 week.

Breakfast in our house is easy. Robert is predicatble. He ALWAYS has Weetbix ... between 3 and 6 pieces generally. (I am amazed that amount can fit in his little tummy). Laura ALWAYS has Just Right. Ruby chops and changes a bit but if there is yoghurt about then she'll have that with some type of cereal.

Lunch ... have to get more organised! I reason if I have 5 things planned out for each week day then I can keep rotating. I'll also be utilising leftovers a lot. The Risotto makes a nice lunch.

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