Monday, January 12, 2009

Cooking themed 5th birthday

Ruby turned 5 today!

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We threw a 'cooking' birthday party. 6 guests came to our house for 1.5 hours, played party games and decorated cupcakes. (Note: if you try this, have the child decorate one cupcake for each member of their families. I hadn't thought of that until the party, but thankfully there were enough cupcakes).
All of the guests received their own apron to keep. I made the aprons myself during the week. They are based on this pattern. Originally I intended to make chef hats too, however I decided the aprons were sufficient.
The favorite game was probably "What's the time Mr Wolf?". We also spent some time making paper dolls, which are a free printable from .
Didn't she do a good job on her cupcakes?
Unfortunately the cake was a disaster. It was meant to be a trampoline. Not that anyone could tell that! Never mind - it still tasted wonderful. I made it using my Basic Cupcake Recipe, using orange juice and orange zest. Orange and chocolate is such a wonderful combination!
All in all the party was a success and the girls had a lot of fun. The cleanup wasn't too bad either!


Kylie said...

Nice photos!

Fe said...

_Ooh_ Cooking themed:-)

Puggle would like that:-)

Of course, 5 isn't a party year for us... but that still means the cousins:-) Worth pondering:-)

Fe said...

Kylie, don't read this!:-)

Hmm... I _like_ those aprons a lot, too!

Just wondering if your niece got one? (I'm trying to work out a birthday present...)

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

No, Norah didn't get one, so that would be a definite idea. If you use the Joanne's pattern that I link to I found it a bit too long in the upper body. I kept the overall length the same and just adjusted how deep the slanted cut was. (Does that make sense? I seem to have lost the ability to explain things today!)

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