Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A handbag for Mum

Now that Christmas is over, I can share some photos of the bag that I made for my Mum. The bag is based on the Ottobre Designs "Dotted Dream" bag. The pattern is available from the "Print for Free" secion of

I did made a number of modifications:

  • Widened the bag by about 10cm.
  • Lengthened the straps. Increased the seam allowance for the straps to make them stronger. Sewed two rows of reinforcing when anchoring the straps to the bag. (On my original bag one handle has begun to pull out due to the fabric fraying).
  • Added a zippered internal pocket.
  • Added a fabric divider to split the bag into two sections.
  • Added a zippered closure to the top.
  • Instead of trimming the bag with ribbon I made hot pink canvas piping. I also added three buttons to each side of the bag. The buttons were from my grandmother's button stash (my Mum's mother).

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Cheryl said...

Lovely bag! love the size and the handles and how you used something meaningful to decorate it for your mom.
I clicked on the free pattern link you provided. It was a dead link. : (

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the nice comments. And for letting me know about the link. The correct link is: You'll need to change the language and then click "Print for Free"

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