Sunday, January 11, 2009

Menuplan Monday

I just survived my daughter's 5th birthday party. There were 7 5-year-olds present and it was fun ... in a chaotic kind of way. Each guest received an apron (made my moi) and we sat down together and decorated cupcakes. We also played "What's the time Mr Wolf", which was a big hit.

The birthday girl gets to choose what we eat for dinner tonight. She has selected pasta (she loves it so much she would eat it without pasta sauce). Instead of eating plain pasta we're going to eat Macaroni Cheese Pie.

Our menu for the week:

  1. Macaroni Cheese Pie - Easy family meal which involves pasta, tomato paste, bacon and parsley. Freezes well.
  2. Sausages - either as a BBQ with salad, or grilled indoors with mashed potato and veg.

  3. 7 Minute Risotto- I'd planned to make this last week but didn't get to it, so we'll have it this week instead.

  4. Chilli Con Carne - pressure cooker. In this recipe I illustrate how to use the "Pan-in-Pot" cooking method, which allows the rice and chilli to be cooked at the same time without mixing them together.

  5. Beef Stew - pressure cooker. I'll post this recipe later in the week.

  6. Chickpea Curry - stove top. I'll post this recipe later in the week.

  7. Leftovers

For other menu ideas, check out Organisation Junkie.

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