Friday, February 6, 2009

10 Gore Skirt - Ottobre 02/07 #8

I know, I know .... I'm meant to be making a trouser muslin so that I can get a good fitting pair of trousers. What can I say - I got distracted and made a 10-gore skirt instead! The pattern is from Ottobre Designs, Issue 02/07, design #8. The skirt is a 10-gore skirt with an invisible zip in the side seam and a rolled-hem. I made it in a poplin, which I purchased from Spotlight.
My aim was to make a comfortable and cool summer skirt. I've certainly achieved that! My hubby doesn't like the fabric. He says it looks like a daggy out of date 70's print. I kind of like the print ... it is visually lighter and brighter than a lot of things I wear. I generally wear Autumn colours. It is quite uplifting to wear and feels wonderful swishing about my legs.
My only complaint with the skirt is that it isn't hanging that well. The flare almost looks like pleats when I stand still. The fabric hasn't been washed yet and I'm hoping it will soften up in the wash and consequently hang better.
Alterations made:
I made up a size 44, however I had to take about 2" out of the waist. No adjustment was made from the hips down.
Things I'd change if I make it again:
I think the next time I make a gored skirt, I'll make one with an even number of gores to enable the zip to be at the centre back. This would make fitting and adjusting a lot easier.
The trouser muslin is still being made, and after making this 10-gore skirt, I know that I'll have to change the trouser muslin considerably.
As to the trouser muslin, I am still working on it. However, after making the skirt, I realise that the trouser muslin is one size too big, as I've cut out a size 46. (My measurements say I need a size 46 in the hips, but that clearly isn't the case.Posted by Picasa

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