Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming soon to a computer near you

Life has been pretty busy with school starting this week. On the sewing/crafting front I am working on quite a number of projects ... too many perhaps as I seem to be spending more time contemplating which one to work on rather than actually doing anything.

My quest for the 'perfect trousers' is still going, although it hit a bit of a snag. I didn't cut out a waistband piece as I thought that I wouldn't need the waistband when fitting the trousers. Wrong. It is a wide waistband and the front waistband has 'taken up' the dart that would normally be there. So tonight I have cut out the waistband and I'll need to attach them before continuing with the fitting.

I am also in the process of setting up my own Etsy store. When it is all up and running I'll let you know the details. My first items for sale will be some dichroic pendants. Actually, my stock of pendants has suddenly reduced as I've sold 4 of them recently from word-of-mouth. The following pictures are of the pendants that sold on the weekend. They are two of my favorite ones and I'm going to miss them! They have, however, gone to a delightful home and are just the right colouring for their new owner.

Other sewing projects on the go are a library bag for Ruby with a Miffy applique. I'm also in the 'thinking' stage of a new skirt for moi!
So much to sew and so little time!!!

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