Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monkey applique

Monkey appliqué on an Ottobre t-shirt that I'm working on. The t-shirt is to be a gift for a 5th birthday. The appliqué design is from Ottobre issue 01/2008. The shirt is made from pink 100% cotton double knit and the monkey is made from chocolate lycra and off-white double knit.

Next time I'll interface the light coloured appliqué pieces to stop the background from showing through.

This is my second attempt at the monkey appliqué. The first time around I used satin stitch and it looked hideous ... because of my rather old sewing machine I think. After some experimentation I decided that the open zig-zag looked a lot better.

Not sure what is going on with the dirty marks on the monkey ... I only noticed them after I completed the embroidery. I'll have to try washing them out and *fingers crossed* that they aren't permanent.
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