Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ottobre 01/05 cross-front t-shirt

My first attempt at the Ottobre 01/05 cross-front t-shirt. It hasn't worked out that well, but it is my fault, not the pattern's. The fabric only cost about $2.50, so not much has been lost.

On the good side: I practiced my fold-over-elastic (FOE) application and it turned out well. I cut the elastic 8cm shorter than the neckline.

On the bad side: The fit needs tweaking considerably. Since I've started taking photos of the back of my t-shirts, I have noticed a lot of pulling below the waist. I am going to have to try slashing the pattern and widening for the hips. Hopefully that will resolve the issue. I also wonder if I need to adjust for a sway back ... I'm starting to think I have one.

I am also starting to think that a full-bust adjustment may be an idea. Once again, something to experiment with in the future.

Please excuse the wonky and badly stitched hem. I am still working out how my new machine handles. Given I wasn't happy with how the shirt was coming out, I didn't think it worthwhile unpicking the hem. This is going to be 'home' shirt only!

Anyway, please feel free to comment on alterations that you think I may need. I'm not quite sure where to start. I'll have to pull out my fitting books and see.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Menuplan Monday - 23 March

After a month or so of menu disorganisation, I'm getting back on the menu planning bandwagon. The goal of this week is to restock the freezer.

Pumpkin soup & toasted cheese sandwiches
Feebeez's No Pastry Quiche
Mum's Rissoles
Macaroni Cheese Pie
Fast Lasagna - recipe is a combination of my Bolognaise Sauce and the Pioneer Woman's Lasagna recipe.
7 Minute Risotto - with pumpkin, which makes the risotto really creamy
Chickpea Curry - vegetarian

Baking: All-bran Health Loaf

For other recipe ideas or to join Menuplan Monday, check out The Organising Junkie

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quilt fabrics dilema

I have just come back from a successful fabric shopping trip, however now that I have had a good look at the fabics I still have a few decisions to make ...

Should I use the dark blue (top photo) or aqua (middle photo)?

Is the print, which I've paired with the yellow solid too green?

What do you think?

Oh - and is the purple floral 'too busy'.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Opinions needed on fabrics for my quilt

I have decided to embark on my first quilting project. I'll be making the Mod Sampler Quilt from the Oh Fransson! quilt-along

I am using a rainbow colour scheme and have selected half of my fabrics. Each quilt block will use a pair of fabrics... the fabric pairs are vertically displayed in my photo.

I am concerned that there isn't enough difference between the colour values of the quilt - particularly between the solid blue and floral blue. I will try finding an aqua to pair the blue floral with. What do you
think? Do I need to vary the colour values a bit more?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tutorials and wonderful things

I've been doing a bit too much surfing lately ... and finding too many interesting things, which I want to make. Honestly, I have so many ideas running around in my head that I just don't know where to start. I think I will feel better if I simply choose a project at random and just start sewing. I need to sew!!

Here are some yummy things that I've found whilst surfing:

Tutorial for Sewing Buckets - these would be good for organising little sewing notions, or hair elastics, or Barbie doll shoes! I can think of lots of places in our house where these would be handy.

A dress made entirely of selvedges. Just imagine the kilometres of stitching! I love the style.

1 hour bag tutorial - love the shape of the bag and also the fabric used. This is going on my 'to do list'.

Another bag for my todo list: The Margaret Sling Bag from Oh Fransson! Once again I love the lines of the bag.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Colour Theory

I've been thinking about making a patchwork quilt for a while now ... but the thought of selecting lots of different fabrics is rather daunting. I have just stumbled across a wonderful blog post by Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson on Colour Theory. In the post Elizabeth demonstrates fabric selection using a range of solid and printed fabrics. The use of real fabric examples has really helped my understanding.

Elizabeth's Colour Theory post is part of a Quilt Along she is running for
beginner quilters. I am quite tempted to jump in and have a go ... however I have too many UFOs at the moment. No matter ... I'll bookmark it and hopefully join in at a later date.

Baby you can't drive my car!!

Robert has recently started unlocking the front door for me. Very helpful!! He is certainly skilled with his use of the key.

Last week he came up to me with the keys ... "Mum, is this the key you use when you are driving the car??". Hmmm, how should one answer such a question?? "Yes, darling it is, but you are not allowed to use it".

Fingers crossed that he remembers my response.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Update: Quest for perfect trousers

I has been ages since I posted about my quest for perfect trousers. The project stalled as I realised I cut out the pattern one size too large. I have debated if I should continue with fitting the trousers or if I should begin again using a smaller size. Frankly, I am finding making trousers for myself quite daunting and I'd like to make the task as easy as possible. My ultimate goal is to work out the 'standard modifications' that I will need to make on Ottobre Designs trousers patterns. Taking those things into account, I am going to start again.

Wish me luck!

A beautiful bride

I had the great pleasure of being the Matron of Honour in Kath and Yadran's wedding yesterday. I have know Katherine for about 15 years and it is wonderful to see her so happy.

She looked absolutely radiant!

It was a fantastic day. There was a bit of a hiccup right at the start with the bride's hair as her hairdresser pulled out with only a couple of days notice and someone else did her hair ... and not very well. Thankfully the hair salon then had a different hairdresser re-do the bride's hair and it ended up being perfect.

The gown was very glamorous. The bust section of the bodice had a number of tucks, and the rest of the bodice had quite elaborate beading and lace. The front of the skirt was satin and the back was satin, overlayed with lace and beading. (Unfortunately I don't have a back shot of the dress).

The bridesmaids wore navy cocktail length dresses. They an empire-line style with off-the-shoulder straps and pleating over the bust.

The cake consisted of individual cakes, each delicately wrapped with a gold ribbon and each featured an icing flour on top. Unfortunately I didn't get to sample the cake as the wait persons were overzealous with their table clearing. (And I was too busy dancing and protecting other dancers from my delightfully intoxicated husband!)

I wish Kath and Yadran all the best as the embark on a new chapter in their lives. They have certainly started off on a wonderful note!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

The tribe

I actually managed to snap all three kids in the one photo ... all looking normal, happy and decent. What a miracle! I think they look really cute.... but then I might be biased :)
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Straight skirt with side vents

Please excuse the bad hair ... I have 3 stitches on my scalp and hairbrushing is something to do rather carefully!

This is Ottobre 02/2007 #12 (http://www.ottobredesigns.com/). I have modified the pattern to replicate one of my favorite RTW (ready-to-wear) skirts.

The original pattern is knee-length. I simply lengthened the pattern to ankle-length and created side vents, which begin just above the knee. I used a stretch woven (cotton/lycra I suspect). The fabric is a bit too stiff for the design as the side vents want to sit open (as you can see from the side view). Hubby thinks the fabric looks like a curtain ... but I like the colours, so it is staying in my wardrobe!

Opinions please!! After looking at these photos I am wondering if the skirt would look better shortened.... perhaps to below the knee ... or simply 5cm shorter than it is now.

Edited to add: For my reference ... I made a size 44, then removed 8cm from the waist (1cm from each dart, and 2cm from the side seams). With these modifications, the top of the skirt sits approximately 4cm below my natural waistline, which is the skirt is meant to sit per the original pattern. I also moved the zip to the centre back to make fitting and waist modifications easier. I am still working out the best way to take in the waist by so much. Next time I'll try adding additional darts. Posted by Picasa
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