Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ottobre 01/05 cross-front t-shirt

My first attempt at the Ottobre 01/05 cross-front t-shirt. It hasn't worked out that well, but it is my fault, not the pattern's. The fabric only cost about $2.50, so not much has been lost.

On the good side: I practiced my fold-over-elastic (FOE) application and it turned out well. I cut the elastic 8cm shorter than the neckline.

On the bad side: The fit needs tweaking considerably. Since I've started taking photos of the back of my t-shirts, I have noticed a lot of pulling below the waist. I am going to have to try slashing the pattern and widening for the hips. Hopefully that will resolve the issue. I also wonder if I need to adjust for a sway back ... I'm starting to think I have one.

I am also starting to think that a full-bust adjustment may be an idea. Once again, something to experiment with in the future.

Please excuse the wonky and badly stitched hem. I am still working out how my new machine handles. Given I wasn't happy with how the shirt was coming out, I didn't think it worthwhile unpicking the hem. This is going to be 'home' shirt only!

Anyway, please feel free to comment on alterations that you think I may need. I'm not quite sure where to start. I'll have to pull out my fitting books and see.

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Ruth said...

Fiona, I think you're too hard on yourself--the top looks good, and it looks good on you. The foe neckline looks nice.

When I make shirts, I usually taper the side seams to a bigger size below the waist to accommodate my wider stomach/hips. I've not tried slashing the pattern instead. But I'm still learning about altering patterns, so I'm not much help there.

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