Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quilt fabrics dilema

I have just come back from a successful fabric shopping trip, however now that I have had a good look at the fabics I still have a few decisions to make ...

Should I use the dark blue (top photo) or aqua (middle photo)?

Is the print, which I've paired with the yellow solid too green?

What do you think?

Oh - and is the purple floral 'too busy'.
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Kylie said...

The dark blue, yes, and no.

Kim said...

I would go with a bolder print to pair with the solid yellow, as all your other prints are brighter.

Fe said...

I prefer the light blue, I like the print paired with the yellow, and no... the purple is fine:-)

(Three commenters, three different responses:-) Glad to be of help:-) )

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