Monday, March 2, 2009

Straight skirt with side vents

Please excuse the bad hair ... I have 3 stitches on my scalp and hairbrushing is something to do rather carefully!

This is Ottobre 02/2007 #12 ( I have modified the pattern to replicate one of my favorite RTW (ready-to-wear) skirts.

The original pattern is knee-length. I simply lengthened the pattern to ankle-length and created side vents, which begin just above the knee. I used a stretch woven (cotton/lycra I suspect). The fabric is a bit too stiff for the design as the side vents want to sit open (as you can see from the side view). Hubby thinks the fabric looks like a curtain ... but I like the colours, so it is staying in my wardrobe!

Opinions please!! After looking at these photos I am wondering if the skirt would look better shortened.... perhaps to below the knee ... or simply 5cm shorter than it is now.

Edited to add: For my reference ... I made a size 44, then removed 8cm from the waist (1cm from each dart, and 2cm from the side seams). With these modifications, the top of the skirt sits approximately 4cm below my natural waistline, which is the skirt is meant to sit per the original pattern. I also moved the zip to the centre back to make fitting and waist modifications easier. I am still working out the best way to take in the waist by so much. Next time I'll try adding additional darts. Posted by Picasa

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Sew_Happily_Ever_After said...

I like it. I have been looking for a LONG skirt like this for some time. Only I want it to be made out of denim or khaki bottom weight fabric. I personally, would not have the side vents (I have very ugly legs and don't like to show them) so I would probably make it more A-line at the bottom and sew up the side vents. The fabric is very pretty and, no, it doesn't look like a curtain...what do men know??? LOL! Very good job on an OTTO hack!

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