Monday, April 13, 2009

Another broken bone...

It is 99% certain that Robert has a Supracondylar Fracture of the Humerus ... ie a fractured elbow.

Fantastic. Can I scream now?

We were having a dinner party. Robert attempted to jump over someones legs, but tripped instead. Much screaming followed. The screaming continued for the 20 minute trip to the children's hospital. He was triaged as a priority and jumped the queue. Codeine and Neurofen followed. There was also talk of morphine, but that (thankfully) wasn't required. No fracture could be seen on the xray, but all other symptoms were present so the hospital is assuming that he has a fracture. Apparently the location of this fracture can make it hard to see in an xray. He is immobilised in a "Collar and Cuff" sling, which places the hand up near the neck. We aren't allowed to remove the sling (it is cable-tied on). We have to go back to the hospital in a week to have it reviewed. No idea now long it will take to heal. Fingers crossed that they have it all wrong and it is a bad sprain. I really hope so, but I don't like our chances.

It is his left arm and he is right handed. Whew.

No idea how I'm going to entertain the kids for the holidays now. Bob won't be able to trampoline & bike ride. Normally he spends a lot of time doing those things. We can strap him into his carseat but I'm not that happy with how safe he would be, given one hand is under the straps. I guess we'll use the car if we have to, but avoid it where we can. I'll have to cancel the week of swimming lessons, which was meant to start on the 20th.

Poor little lad.

We've done this before. He fractured his ankle when he was about 18 months. I had a 2.5 year-old and also a 3 month old at home. We dealt with the situation then and we'll deal with it now. This time has to be easier. I think we'll explore a lot of places on the bus and the train.


Sew Lind said...

Oh Fi, sorry to hear about Bob's broken elbow especially during holiday time, sounds like a lot of juggling is required. It can happen doing the simplest things! I remember when my son broke his arm at two (falling off the back of the sofa while quietly trying to go to sleep! how embarrassing) In hospital there was a girl there who tripped over someone's legs while all playing a board game on the floor. He'll soon heal and it'll be another fun childhood story, like our experience when I asked my daughter (then 4) what we could sing to cheer him up and she promptly sang Humpty Dumpty, LOL!!!

Guzzisue said...

oohh poor thing.....hope he heals soon.

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

Sew Lind - that is really funny about the Humpty Dumpty song. Reminds me of when my youngest was babbling in the car and my eldest piped up very excited, saying "Mum, Laura is singing BLAH BLAH Blacks Sheep".

Sew Lind & Guzzisue - thanks for the thoughts. He is a brave little chap. I'm very proud of him.

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