Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear next-door neighbour

Dear next door neighbour,

When you installed your spa right right next to our bedroom you were nice enough to visit us to let us know it was to be installed. You assured us that you would not disturb us with its use and that we were to contact you if there were ever any problems.

Since it was installed it has been installed it has disturbed us on numerous occasions. We have been tolerant and have let these occasions slip by. This morning, Sunday 19th April, your spa woke as at 5:15am. Yes, that's right. 5:15am. Perhaps tomorrow I could blower-vac some leaves by your bedroom window at a similar time. I am sure you would be delighted.

I did telephone your house this just before 6am this morning to request that the spa be turned off. You were not at home. I am not sure if it was your daughter or a house-sitter who answered the phone. I do appreciate that you weren't present when the spa was used. We would like you to discuss suitable spa operation times with the people who look after your house.

While I am talking to you about this matter I'd also like you to be aware that on other occasions we have been woken:

- at 3am by the noises of people having sex in your spa. The same thing occurred for 3 consecutive nights.

- at 2am by someone in the spa loudly singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music". He had a nice voice, granted. However it would have sounded a lot nicer at a different time of day.

- at around 3am by loud music whilst the spa was being used. The music was so loud that you could not hear your telephone.

- numerous other times when you have had a party and the spa has prevented us from falling asleep.

From my research today it appears that spas and pool pumps should only be used from 7am (9am on Sundays) to 10pm. After that, if the noise can be heard inside my house then the noise is considered to be excessive.

Please give these factors consideration.


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Hahaha! I dare you to print it and pop it in their letterbox :-) How annoying are they?! I'd send frying pans onto their heads if they woke me at those kind of times.

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

I did consider putting a note in the mailbox ... along the lines of "may your armpits be infested by the fleas of 1000 camels".

Just waiting to see the neighbour in person to have a 'neighbourly chat'.

Nikki said...

I would be LIVID! I don't know how neighbourly I'd be feeling after those disturbances.

Sew Lind said...

OMG I'm speechless!
LOL, love the flea infestation blessing ;-)

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