Friday, April 17, 2009

Quilt progress & Robert's progress

I took Robert to the hospital earlier today to have his arm checked. They xrayed it and once again couldn't find a fracture. The doctor prodded and poked the poor boy and made him flinch considerably. Verdict is that it is a minor fracture and they will continue treating it as a fracture. Robert is to continue wearing his sling for 3 weeks. (He will be a very smelly boy by the end of it!) We are then to return to the hospital, the sling will be removed and he should be all healed up.
On the quilting front, progress is being made daily.

All blocks for the quilt front are in place. Just need to trim the horizontal sashing, sew four more strips of sashing to form a rectangle around the quilt, and then the quilt top will be complete. The white sashing is a bit start, I have been thinking that perhaps I should have used cream or light grey. Oh well ... I'm certainly not going to unpick it all now!!!
Feeling like I'm on the home straight ... but then I still have to quilt the thing ... uh oh! I'd better make up some 'quilt sandwiches' so that I can teach myself Free Motion Quilting.
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Sew Lind said...

Good idea to practice small, I've made a few quilt tops but am a bit nervous about the sandwiching and quilting!! Good luck :-)

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