Monday, June 22, 2009

Show & Tell

Robert (4 yrs old) had Show & Tell at Kindy on Friday. He decided to take along his three guinea pigs ... his three imaginary guinea pigs. The guinea pigs pink, purple and green and have the same names as the three children in our house.

Robert carried his guinea pig cage (an empty plastic storage tub) into Kindy all by himself and left it on the Show & Tell table. He then spent puzzle time walking amongst the parents chatting to them and telling them very proudly that he had brought along his guinea pigs for Show & Tell. A few of the poor parents saw the empty storage tub and thought the guinea pigs had escaped! I pretty much had to follow in Robert's wake discreetly letting everyone know that the guinea pigs were invisible.

I was a bit concerned that the kids were going to make fun of him, but he was determined that the guinea pigs were going to be his Show & Tell item. According to his teacher, the kids were great. The guinea pigs were 'passed around' for everyone to pet. Robert told everyone about them, including their names and what they looked like. Actually, they bred during class because 3 became 5 and they are all named after family members.

When Robert got home he carefully carried them to the lawn, announced that they were now outside guinea pigs and that they needed to eat a lot of grass. He has spent the last two days occasionally tending to them.

He is such a character! He is a very imaginative, outgoing and sociable boy. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pirate birthday party

Happy birthday Robert! I can't believe that you've already turned four. (Actually, I can't believe that you've turned four and have already had two broken bones ... I really hope that there won't be any more!!!)

The birthday party was a pirate theme. Amazingly the Pirate Galleon Cake turned out really well. There was only one small disaster which large amounts of icing fixed. The cake was made using my Basic Cupcake Recipe, with orange juice and orange zest added. It was very very yummy.

For the party guests I made pirate black & white polka dot pirate bandannas and red eye patches. I won't put a photo up here as I don't have permission from the various parents. Pirate treasure was hidden in the garden ... and we played "What's the time Mr Shark" (same rules as "What's the time Mr Wolf).

I made pirate biscuits, which I forgot to photograph. They were made from purchased round biscuits with circles of white icing for pirate faces, semi-circles of red icing for hats, and the pirates features piped on in black icing.

My Uncle came dressed for the occasion. Doesn't he look swish?

My Aunty made this Fireman Sam costume for Robert, complete with working flashlight. His expression says it all really. She did such a great job!

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Last week I discovered the joy of making felt food. This donut is my first attempt. (Excuse the bad photography).

To make the donut I used a CD for a pattern, making two donut shapes of felt from it. The frosting pattern was created using the inner circle from a CD as a guide and then free-hand cutting the outer frosting edge. I then stitched the frosting to one piece of felt donut. After attaching the frosting a randomly sewed beads on as sprinkles. I then used a running stitch to attach the top and bottom donut sections together (leaving a small hole for stuffing).

The kids love it and I'm planning on making more donuts and other types of food too.

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Zebra girl

It has been ages since I blogged ... I know! Firstly I visited a friend in Canberra, leaving hubby and kids to cope by themselves at home. Then when I came back I ended up with a bad cold/flu. Once I got over the cold, the rest of the family caught it. We are pretty healthy again now and life is getting back to normal.

On the sewing front: Ruby was invited to a dress-up birthday party and wanted to go as a Zebra.

The zebra tunic is Ottobre 01/2099 #14 "Kerttu" tunic, made up as a size 110. I made it in a stretch satin. The original pattern included a contrast panel at the bottom edge of the tunic. I modified the pattern to leave out the contrast panel. The original pattern also included a (very cute) heart pocket, which I left off.

The top is a bit too large across the shoulders ... lots of growing room! The original pattern was for non-stretch fabric, and I used something with a slight stretch. That is probably half of the problem!

I am delighted with how the ears turned out. They don't flop about and have kept their shape perfectly.

I self-drafted the pattern headband/ears pattern. The headband is a simple rectangle 4" wide. Not sure how long it was. I lightly interfaced the rectangle, then folded it in half, right sides together and sewed a seam on the long edge. Then I turned it right-side out, pressed, turned in a bit of fabric on the two short sides, then pressed. Finally I inserted some wide elastic into each end of the rectangle and secured the elastic with a zigzag. The ears are triangular shaped, around 7cm high, with a smaller pink triangle machine appliqued to the inner ear. The front and back of each ear piece was lightly appliqued. I then hand-sewed the ears onto the headband, ensuring the base of the ear formed a bit of a 'v-shape' to give it some depth.

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