Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last week I discovered the joy of making felt food. This donut is my first attempt. (Excuse the bad photography).

To make the donut I used a CD for a pattern, making two donut shapes of felt from it. The frosting pattern was created using the inner circle from a CD as a guide and then free-hand cutting the outer frosting edge. I then stitched the frosting to one piece of felt donut. After attaching the frosting a randomly sewed beads on as sprinkles. I then used a running stitch to attach the top and bottom donut sections together (leaving a small hole for stuffing).

The kids love it and I'm planning on making more donuts and other types of food too.

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Fe said...


I've recently been eye-ing off the felt food ideas:-) I have plans for Puggle to make them for Bilby for her birthday:-) (I might make some as well.) I've talked about it with him, and he's _very_ keen. We'll need to get started soon, I realise, but just now, he's focussed on finger knitting. But I guess, that makes this a good time to print out all the possibilities, and make sure I have the right colours:-)

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