Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pirate birthday party

Happy birthday Robert! I can't believe that you've already turned four. (Actually, I can't believe that you've turned four and have already had two broken bones ... I really hope that there won't be any more!!!)

The birthday party was a pirate theme. Amazingly the Pirate Galleon Cake turned out really well. There was only one small disaster which large amounts of icing fixed. The cake was made using my Basic Cupcake Recipe, with orange juice and orange zest added. It was very very yummy.

For the party guests I made pirate black & white polka dot pirate bandannas and red eye patches. I won't put a photo up here as I don't have permission from the various parents. Pirate treasure was hidden in the garden ... and we played "What's the time Mr Shark" (same rules as "What's the time Mr Wolf).

I made pirate biscuits, which I forgot to photograph. They were made from purchased round biscuits with circles of white icing for pirate faces, semi-circles of red icing for hats, and the pirates features piped on in black icing.

My Uncle came dressed for the occasion. Doesn't he look swish?

My Aunty made this Fireman Sam costume for Robert, complete with working flashlight. His expression says it all really. She did such a great job!

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