Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zebra girl

It has been ages since I blogged ... I know! Firstly I visited a friend in Canberra, leaving hubby and kids to cope by themselves at home. Then when I came back I ended up with a bad cold/flu. Once I got over the cold, the rest of the family caught it. We are pretty healthy again now and life is getting back to normal.

On the sewing front: Ruby was invited to a dress-up birthday party and wanted to go as a Zebra.

The zebra tunic is Ottobre 01/2099 #14 "Kerttu" tunic, made up as a size 110. I made it in a stretch satin. The original pattern included a contrast panel at the bottom edge of the tunic. I modified the pattern to leave out the contrast panel. The original pattern also included a (very cute) heart pocket, which I left off.

The top is a bit too large across the shoulders ... lots of growing room! The original pattern was for non-stretch fabric, and I used something with a slight stretch. That is probably half of the problem!

I am delighted with how the ears turned out. They don't flop about and have kept their shape perfectly.

I self-drafted the pattern headband/ears pattern. The headband is a simple rectangle 4" wide. Not sure how long it was. I lightly interfaced the rectangle, then folded it in half, right sides together and sewed a seam on the long edge. Then I turned it right-side out, pressed, turned in a bit of fabric on the two short sides, then pressed. Finally I inserted some wide elastic into each end of the rectangle and secured the elastic with a zigzag. The ears are triangular shaped, around 7cm high, with a smaller pink triangle machine appliqued to the inner ear. The front and back of each ear piece was lightly appliqued. I then hand-sewed the ears onto the headband, ensuring the base of the ear formed a bit of a 'v-shape' to give it some depth.

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