Monday, September 14, 2009

Glimpse of R's block

Last night I completed R's block for the Virtually BeQuilted quilting bee. R hasn't seen them yet, and I can't spoil her surprise, so you'll have to wait for a little bit longer. I can, however, give you a little glimpse. Just a teeny tiny one.

I made the block using the technique of Foundation (Paper) Piecing. For those of you who don't know, it involves sewing your fabric to a piece of paper.

Part of the pattern for R's block. This element forms about 1/16th of the block.

When you use foundation piecing, your fabric is placed on the unprinted side of the paper (with the wrong side of the fabric touching the paper). You then 'flip' the pattern over, and sew from the printed side of the paper. The lines on the paper are your sewing line.

Two pieces of fabric pinned (right sides together) onto the foundation pattern.

There is a bit of an art to getting your fabric pieces in the correct position. I did have to do some unpicking before I got into the swing of things.

Sewing the first two pieces of fabric together. You can just see them peeking out from under the paper.

After sewing the seam from the printed side of the paper, you turn the paper so that unprinted side is up, trim the seam allowance, and press. Then the next piece of fabric is pinned onto the unprinted side of the pattern.

View from the unprinted side, after pressing.

Completed component, which still requires trimming.
Yes, there is some paper peeking out on the corners. In this case, it is OK as my paper pattern hadn't (yet) been trimmed to the correct seam allowance on the corners.


Fe said...

Hmm... I'm _guessing_ (I could be wrong), that we've done the same thing:-) I'm also using a foundation piecing pattern (although, I've adapted it to be paper pieced)... but not the same as this... but given you said it's 1/16th... that looks like it might be the same end result!
Mine's a different colourway...
I'm going to look at the flickr group now, to see if you've uploaded the finished pictures yet:-) (Mine's no where near finished... I'm still 'stuck' on ironing.)

Fe said...

It's not!

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