Friday, September 11, 2009

Virtual Quilting Bee

Sewing with kids about requires lots of distractions! Mine (like most, I'm sure) are addicted to buttons. Generally they just sort them and look for their treasures. Sometimes the boy gets out his dump truck and digger and 'moves buttons'. Recently I purchased some craft buttons (ie seconds) from Spotlight. Since then the girls have been gluing up a storm.
Fe over at Genial Hearth has recently organised a bunch of us into a virtual quilting bee. My first quilting bee. There are 13 of us involved, and each month one of us will post fabric to everyone else, along with instructions on what we are to do. For the month of September we have all received Christmas fabric, which we are to make into a design of our own choice. The completed block must be 32cm square (including a 1cm seam allowance). I believe that all of the blocks will be sewn together to construct a Christmas tablecloth.
The design I have chosen is complicated ... I now wish I had chosen something a bit easier! I feel like I've been working solidly on the block for a month. (In reality it has probably been 3 weeks). Next month I'll definitely go with something simpler. Never mind though as my September block will be stunning. You'll have to wait for pictures until the block is complete and has been received by R.
I must confess ... I have had a mishap along the way ... the chosen design has required every scrap of red and green fabric that I received. Unfortunately I botched one of my cuts and all of a sudden I didn't have enough fabric! Thankfully I've been able to find an exact match to the fabric so the disaster has been rectified.Posted by Picasa

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