Monday, October 12, 2009

Almost surviving a Dr appointment

Visiting the family doctor with three children in tow is never easy. Actually, it is one of the few things that hasn't become any easier as the kids have gotten older. I am sure there will be a time when doctor trips are a breeze ... we just aren't there yet.

Today was worse than usual.

Robert has been complaining of a sore tummy for 4 days. It didn't seem to be that bad and we thought it would pass ... however he was crying in pain this afternoon and I decided that I'd better get him to the Dr pronto. I jagged an appointment timeslot which gave me 15 minutes to get to the Doctor's Surgery. Just possible, even with two crying children and a 5-year-old asking a stream of questions.

We'd just settled into the waiting room when Laura announced she needed to go to the toilet. Did I mention she was sitting on my lap? You guessed it ... 1 second warning before she and I were soaked. I abandoned everything (older kids & handbag included) and sprinted for the toilets. Yes, I had a change of clothes for Laura ... but not for me.

THEN the Dr came looking for us while I was cleaning Laura up. Ruby told him we were in the toilets ... so he skipped directly to the next patient. We waited and waited ... and Laura needed to do another wee ... and we didn't make it in time for that one either ... and when I was cleaning her up after Incident#2 the Dr called as again ... and as we were in the toilet he once again skipped us and went to the next patient!!!!!!!!!!!

Cutting the long story short. I hung about at the Dr for about an hour with wee-soaked jeans. During that time the 3 kids made 5 (yes, five) trips to the toilet and we missed the Dr twice.

And the outcome of the sore tummy?

An ear infection in each ear with the pain transferring down to his tummy.


Katy said...

Argh, I hate going to the doctor with my kids!!! And now they took away all the kids books and toys, so you have to BYO.

Have had the toilet thing happen too, and it just makes a L-O-N-G visit even longer. Argh!

Hope said sore tummy is feeling better soon. Must say it's been hanging around my kids for a bit too. Should really do something bout that!!

Melinda said...

Oh dear - you will be able to look back at this and laugh in a couple of months (or years!).

That would be enough to make a normal person completely insane - luckily your a Mum, not a normal person :)

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

Oh yes, I can see the funny side now ... mostly :)

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