Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Donkey Orchid applique - WIP

I am currently making the November block for the VirtuallyBeQuilted quiting bee. This month I am being a bit ambitious....
I found a photo of a Donkey Orchid (native to Western Australia), which I edited in photoshop to create a 'pattern' for my applique.
Initially I was going to use multiple fabric scraps to build up the colours ... however I wasn't satisfied with the colours of my scraps. Instead, I have cut the orchid from a solid yellow and have then used fabric crayons to colour the fabric.

Here, the fabric is partially coloured with the crayons. Hopefully I'll finish the rest of the colouring tonight.
I may have one (rather large) problem... The fabric crayons need to be heat-set with the iron.... and the fabric flower pieces need to be adhered to the background fabric using my sticky applique backing. Hopefully I can do both of these things at the same time ... if not I'm going to have a disaster on my hands. (Why didn't I think of that *before* I began????)Posted by Picasa

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