Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ottobre 03/09 #21 "Little Fella Shirt" - take 2

Here is my second attempt at the Ottobre 03/09 #21 Little Fella Shirt. As you can see, Robert is delighted... and I am hoping it looks more 'business shirt' than 'pyjama shirt'!!

As with my first "Little Fella Shirt", this one is pretty roomy across the shoulders. Robert is a fairly slight build and I could probably do with going down a size across the shoulders ... however I'm just going to call it 'growing room' for the moment!

The instructions confused me with how to apply the collar binding. I actually finished this shirt off a bit differently to my first "Little Fella Shirt". This time around, I stitched the binding right through all layers, including the shirt back. (First time around I only stitched through the seam allowance, and not the shirt back). Stitching through the shirt back has given me a better finish, however I had to be very careful when sewing to avoid puckers.

Collar binding from the inside

Stitching from the collar binding.

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