Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saga of the Xmas Tree applique

I am making my niece a special pillow case for Christmas. My sister has suggested the pillow case can be slept on in the lead-up to Christmas, and then on Christmas Eve it can be left out for Santa to put gifts in.

The applique is my original design. It *should* have gone together like a dream.

My Mum has a rule of thumb for sewing ... if you hold your sewing at arms length and can't see the mistake, then in it is OK. Using Mum's rule the applique passes muster. However, I am rather irritated by the three things that went wrong, however I think most people simply wouldn't notice the issues and I am sure my niece will adore her gift just the same.

The first problem arose when I fused the applique shapes to the backing material. For some reason the Christmas Tree shape puckered up considerably. Thankfully the pattern of the fabric hides it.

The second problem is that my machine didn't like the metallic thread that much. While the front of the applique looks fine, the back looks like someone vomited metallic thread onto it. I'm a little concerned how the thing will hold up after it has been laundered a few times. It may be best if it isn't actually used to sleep on. (Plus I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to sleep on. The applique is quite stiff and the metallic thread a bit scratchy).

The third problem, which you can see above if you look closely, is that the colour from the red fabric has stained the beige fabric and the backing fabric. My fault. I should have pre-washed the fabric. The fabric for the applique is mostly scraps that I was given, and I had assumed it had already been pre-washed. Wrong!! I am now trying to work out if I can rescue it using some "Run Away" or if it will damage the other fabrics.

In the scraps that I was given I found some great little bits of Christmas fabric. Notice the beige "Peace on Earth" fabric, and the red fabric with green Christmas trees. They were both ideal for the project.
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Melinda said...

I'm sure your Neice will love this pillowcase and nobody will even notice your issues with it.

What a lovely idea.

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