Sunday, January 3, 2010

First embroidery

I have begun to teach Ruby to sew in earnest. Here she is trying her hand at embroidery. She is making a name sampler, which will become a small pillow. We have been using the book "My First Embroidery Book: A Name Sampler" by Winky Cherry. I am impressed with Ruby's dexterity and how accurately she has been able to stab the needle through the gingham. There were only a couple of spots that needed to be re-done.

She can even thread her own needle. Soon I'll have to employ her to thread my needles for me!!


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Melinda said...

Such neat embroidery! That girl definetely has the crafting gene :)

Fe said...

I was wrong! $495.95 to $979.95 is the asking price for the three used copies on Amazon!

So where did you get it? And do you recommend it?

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

Hi Melinda, Yes she has the crafting gene ... I've been encouraging it every moment :)

Fe, I am totally stunned at the price it is listed for on Amazon. I had no idea!!!!!! (It isn't worth that amount of money). This is where I got the book from originally: This site has the best information in terms of the levels of the books, and the ages that they are aimed at.

I purchased 3 kits: "My first sewing book", "My first embroidery", and "My First Doll Book". You're welcome to look through them before buying if you'd like. The books are OK. They have some typos in them which is rather irritating. They have good diagrams in, which are aimed at children who can't yet read. The book takes quite a rigid approach, giving you specific wording that they thing you should be saying. I didn't do that as I found it irritated me more than anything ... but it may work well with other children.

"My first sewing book" comes with a huge amount of templates which you can use for making soft toys. They were great as the kids could choose what they wanted to do.

"My first embroidery" takes them through creating the name sampler and turning it into a cushion. You don't need the book to be able to teach it. The stitches are really simple. It does take the child through working out how to make their name from stitches ie using graph paper to plan it out. I found that process very good for Ruby.

"My First Doll Book" we haven't used yet.

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