Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Monday - 4/1/10

A new year ... and I'm getting on the menuplanning bandwagon again. It does make the evenings a lot easier.

This week's menu is based entirely on the meat that I have in the freezer:

Monday - leftovers - Chilli Con Carne
Honey mustard chicken, with pumpkin, green beans and cauliflower
BBQ sausages and green salad
Thai beef salad
Fish cakes - with green beans, broccoli, pumpkin and frozen corn
Macaroni cheese pie - with green salad

Baking: Biscotti

Other things to look forward to this week: I'll post the recipe for Thai Beef Salad

On the sewing front: I'm about to complete a Kwiksew casual mens shirt for my hubby. I should have some photos up this week. I'll also put up photos of the bag that I made for Mum's birthday, and Ruby's Christmas outfit.

For other menu planning ideas, have a look at Org Junkie

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