Saturday, February 27, 2010

Redondo modelled it met the twirl test and the girl is happy. It is a bit tight (I should have checked her measurements), but she isn't prepared to give the skirt to her little sister and have me make her a larger one. Guess she likes it!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Redondo skirt

Yes, I've been sewing. This time a Redondo skirt for Ruby from Studio Tantrum. I'm not that happy with the bright pink ... I think the issue is more were I placed the gore. In retrospect I think it should be between the two florals. Oh well, I'm not moving it now!

I'll post more details later.

front view

back view

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My new cutting table

sI don't think I've posted pictures of my sewing space before. I am rather spoilt with an absolutely huge room, which is dedicated to my sewing ... and junk that hasn't found a home anywhere else.

This is how the 'sewing' section of the room used to look. Notice the old cutting table, which is a small dining-table jacked up on some lumps of 'Four-by-two'. Generally the underneath of the table is stacked high with storage crates ... I must have moved them before I took this photo!

Here is the new cutting table, which we moved in yesterday. It is huge. The table top is 210cm x 120cm. As you can see it has heaps of storage. I am thinking of putting a curtain on the table to hide the storage section. I was so lucky to be offered the table. The Aunt of one of the Mum's from school has moved into a smaller house and no-longer had room for her cutting table. It has been custom built by her father. It has more than doubled the amount of cutting and storage space that I have.

Here is the other 'sewing' section of the room ... my horn cabinet and trusty Bernina, plus my overlocker and a whole heap of junk that I need to clean up. I'll have to post some more photos when it is complete! (The messy painting on the wall was made by Ruby when she was about 2).

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Virtually Bequilted - February's block

To the fabrics that I received for February, I added some hot pink and made a Dutchman's Puzzle block. (Yes, I know I also made one in January ... but I am finding the block fascinating as different fabrics produce such different results).

I have improved my technique since the January block. This tutorial taught me a great method of making 'flying geese units' (the arrow units) with NO fabric waste. If I had used my old method to construct the block then I would not have had enough fabric.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Virtually BeQuilted - February fabrics

Here are the lovely fabrics for February for the Virtually BeQuilted quilting bee.
The instruction is to make something 'girly' as the pieced blocks will be used to make a quilt for a 2 year-old girl. We can add other fabrics, which I think I'll do. The design that I am planning needs more contrast.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Completed - Sling bag mark 2

Here are some photos of the Sling bag which I have just completed. It will be soon be posted to its new owner in England. I hope she is happy with it!
The bag is made from home decor fabric from Spotlight, selected by my client. It is lined with 100% cotton and features a magnetic snap closure. The bag measures 25cm x 25cm x 13cm.

The pattern is the Sling bag from Nicole Mallalieu Designs. "The Sling can be soft and unstructured, or smart and sharp, depending on your fabric choice. It has long straps which can be made to be long, short or adjustable".

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She passed out whilst reading a book in bed.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 year-olds can embroider!

After watching big sister Ruby doing her embroidery, Laura has desperately wanted to try. I set her up with some gingham, embroidery floss, tapestry needle and embroidery hoop and away she went. And she keeps coming back for more. I think she has done about 4 sessions of it today and is doing a fantastic job. I need to put a 'dot' where I want her to put the needle (I've done that on both the front and back of the gingham). She does running stitch rather well, but gets a bit confused with cross stitch.Posted by Picasa

Sling Bag mark 2

I am making this lovely bag on commission. The pattern is the "Sling" bag from Nicole Mallalieu Designs. I have made it once before ... as a gift for Mum for Christmas. (I don't appear to have blogged about it ... how strange!)
This is pattern is very nicely drafted. Goes together like a dream and looks pretty stylish. It is meant to have adjustable straps ... using buttons. However the first time I sewed it I couldn't convince my machine to make nice buttonholes on the thick straps. This time around I won't even try the buttonholes. I'll simply sew the straps together and have the buttons for embellishment only.
On a side note ... if you like making handbags and have trouble finding the right 'hardware', I'd recommend Nicole Mallalieu Designs. I'm not affiliated with them in any way ... just a happy customer.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Virtually BeQuilted - January bonus block

The Duchman's Puzzle block generates a lot of surplus triangles ... 32 to be precise. Instead of letting them go to waste, I made them into a strip which could be used in the quilt back.
It is amazing how many designs you can achieve by rearranging triangles! This was the final design:

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A silent request to sew

During the school holidays, Ruby and I made library bags. I cut out the fabric, she pinned it, and then she sat on my knee and guided the fabric through the sewing machine as I controlled the machine.

Laura desperately wanted a library bag too.

I started sewing Laura's bag a few days ago, completing the side seams but still needing to do a draw-string or handles. Laura has been lugging it about ever since, despite it being incomplete. Tonight when I went into the sewing room, I found the bag very carefully positioned under the foot of my sewing machine. Laura must have put it there some time today without me realising.

I wasn't planning on sewing library bags tonight, but how could I refuse such a gesture?

Isn't this fabric just adorable? It is rubber-backed curtain fabric from Spotlight.

Ruby's bag (which I have yet to photograph) was also made from delightful curtain fabric from Spotlight. I purchased extra of both prints with the intention of using the shapes for applique.

Laura desperately wants to be old enough to sew. (She has also been sitting on my knee at the sewing machine helping to guide fabric). She wants to be able to do hand embroidery like Ruby. She found Ruby's embroidery yesterday and managed to do four stitches before being discovered. Clearly I need to get her started on making some stuffed felt animals...
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Mary Mary, quite contrary...

"I am watering my flowers so that they'll grow Mum"

Wonderful to watch a happy girl tinkering in the sandpit while her brother and sister were at school. The house is so much quieter when there is only child at home. I think the tranquility is enjoyed by all... especially our neighbours!!!!!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VirtuallyBeQuilted - January's block

Running a little behind schedule with making blocks for VirtuallyBeQuilted, I decided on a Duchman's Puzzle block. I've been wanting to make something in this design for a while now and I thought it would be fairly quick to sew.
It would have been fairly quick to sew ... I should never cut out fabric after 9:30pm! I had made an error in my quilting maths, and consequently miscut all of the dark pink fabrics. I couldn't work out how to recover from the error. Thankfully Liz, Anna and Fe came to my rescue with sufficient scraps for me to continue with the original design.
I am really happy with how the block turned out. I learnt a lot ... not so much about sewing, but more about triple checking one's calculations!!!
I had a large number of half-square-triangles left-over from the block, so I created a 'bonus block' for Liz, which should be useful on the quilt back ... I'll post a photo tomorrow!
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