Sunday, February 21, 2010

My new cutting table

sI don't think I've posted pictures of my sewing space before. I am rather spoilt with an absolutely huge room, which is dedicated to my sewing ... and junk that hasn't found a home anywhere else.

This is how the 'sewing' section of the room used to look. Notice the old cutting table, which is a small dining-table jacked up on some lumps of 'Four-by-two'. Generally the underneath of the table is stacked high with storage crates ... I must have moved them before I took this photo!

Here is the new cutting table, which we moved in yesterday. It is huge. The table top is 210cm x 120cm. As you can see it has heaps of storage. I am thinking of putting a curtain on the table to hide the storage section. I was so lucky to be offered the table. The Aunt of one of the Mum's from school has moved into a smaller house and no-longer had room for her cutting table. It has been custom built by her father. It has more than doubled the amount of cutting and storage space that I have.

Here is the other 'sewing' section of the room ... my horn cabinet and trusty Bernina, plus my overlocker and a whole heap of junk that I need to clean up. I'll have to post some more photos when it is complete! (The messy painting on the wall was made by Ruby when she was about 2).

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Melinda said...

I am very envious - that table looks awesome. I would looooooove to have a big space like that for my sewing stuff.

Mary said...


Fiona @ Feebeez said...

The big space is nice ... but it also means I can make a bigger mess! The sewing stuff takes up about half of the room, but my sewing mess does does tend to spread out if I'm not careful.

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