Thursday, February 11, 2010

A silent request to sew

During the school holidays, Ruby and I made library bags. I cut out the fabric, she pinned it, and then she sat on my knee and guided the fabric through the sewing machine as I controlled the machine.

Laura desperately wanted a library bag too.

I started sewing Laura's bag a few days ago, completing the side seams but still needing to do a draw-string or handles. Laura has been lugging it about ever since, despite it being incomplete. Tonight when I went into the sewing room, I found the bag very carefully positioned under the foot of my sewing machine. Laura must have put it there some time today without me realising.

I wasn't planning on sewing library bags tonight, but how could I refuse such a gesture?

Isn't this fabric just adorable? It is rubber-backed curtain fabric from Spotlight.

Ruby's bag (which I have yet to photograph) was also made from delightful curtain fabric from Spotlight. I purchased extra of both prints with the intention of using the shapes for applique.

Laura desperately wants to be old enough to sew. (She has also been sitting on my knee at the sewing machine helping to guide fabric). She wants to be able to do hand embroidery like Ruby. She found Ruby's embroidery yesterday and managed to do four stitches before being discovered. Clearly I need to get her started on making some stuffed felt animals...
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Mary said...

How fabulous! Enjoy it. None of mine wanted to sew, but they did get involved in the designing. They just want me to fix it or make it!

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