Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alisa's block - Virtually Bequilted

This block goes by the name of "Mosaic No 18", "Old Pointsettia Block", and "Spinning Stars". The design dates back to 1898. (I found the design in Jinny Beyers' "Quilters Album of Blocks &Borders").

Alisa wanted us to use colour and patterns to create 3D illusions.Unfortunately the block isn't as 3D as I thought it would be. (I even went to the extent of photographing the fabrics and pasting them into the block design in Photoshop before I started the block). Despite the 3D not being as obvious as I hoped, I really love how the block has turned out.

Virtually Bequilted - for Alisa

Construction of the block had a few dramas. I'd cut out every thing and had begun sewing before I realised I had cut all of my squares for the HST .5" too big. Eeeek!!! However, after I had calmed down I worked out it was a realtively easy to fix to trim everything down to size. Not sure if the trimming helped my points ... but the block has the best points I've ever achieved.

Virtually Bequilted - for Alisa

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