Monday, October 11, 2010

Fe's block - Virtually Bequilted

Fe had been assigned the month of 'August', so I am a couple of weeks late sending her block to her. She supplied us with the following two lovely fabrics:

Fe's fabric - Virtually Bequilted

She set a theme of Adventure ie trying something you haven't tried before re design/construction - not colour - as we were to stick to the palette of her fabrics. She was also happy to receive square blocks of various sizes (between 10" and 15" square).

She chose the above fabrics because they reminded her of the Moorish aesthetic found in places like the Alhambra, and the wrought iron work of some of the room dividers. Her inspiration links made me think of Cathedral Window quilts .... and they certainly fit the 'adventure' category too!

Here is the block that I made. The coloured fabric of the windows is just under 2" square. The background fabric is constructed from 9 x 7" squares of fabric, which were folded multiple times before being stitched together and the windows being added.

Block for Fe

Block for Fe

Block for Fe

Unfortunately the block ended up being undersize. I made an error somewhere in my calculations! However, after spending over 6 hours making the block I wasn't about to start again. I am hoping that Fe will be able to work with the size, either adding a border or turning it into a cushion to compliment the quilt / quillow that the makes.

I really like how it looks and despite swearing I was never going to make another Cathedral Window again, I have the *perfect* fabric for another...

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