Friday, October 8, 2010

Frances' block - Virtually Bequilted

Frances requested asked us to create something inspired by symmetry, tessellations, art nouveau and art deco, and kaleidoscope blocks. There were three fabrics that she provided, two greens and a print. The print was particularly striking with strong geometric lines.

Virtually BeQuilted

I had some trouble finding a block design which would work with the fabrics. The first few I investigated required more of the print than I had. I ended up using "Unknown Star" from Jinny Beyer's website I 'cheated' a little as the design is the same as the block that Kate made for me.

The block required set-in-seams (or Y seams). First time I've tried to sew them and it is hard! My block puckered up once I'd done the Y seams. I clearly need to try some different methods of sewing Y seams and find something that works for me.

Here is the completed block:

Frances' block completed

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